Pledge for the Planet: Community spirit powering climate action

Pledge for the Planet: Community spirit powering climate action


In a world where the impacts of climate change are all too real, finding innovative ways to inspire collective action is more important than ever. Enter Pledge for the Planet—a dynamic initiative that ignites community spirit to power climate action, using sport as a catalyst for change. By merging physical activity with eco-friendly pledges, we’re promoting both personal health and planetary well-being, all while fostering a shared sense of purpose and camaraderie.

Sport has this amazing ability to bring people together, create communities and get them moving. That’s why at Pledge for the Planet we integrate physical challenges with environmental pledges. By building a sense of community and shared purpose, we show how our individual efforts can create a massive collective impact.

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The 48-Hour Mission: Take Action and Get Active 

Our annual 48-Hour Mission is the highlight of the Pledge for the Planet calendar. It’s a virtual competition designed to get sports clubs and community groups moving. Over a 48-hour period, participants run, swim, cycle, and walk, racking up points for their teams. The entry process is easy: nominate your club, team members make a Pledge (this is your entry ticket), and you’re in! Track your progress on a live leaderboard and compete for the top spot against other clubs and community groups.

The 48-Hour Mission is all about tapping into the competitive spirit of sports clubs while educating participants on sustainable habits. By requiring pledges to enter, we’re encouraging everyone to make behaviour changes that really add up. Plus, sharing your activities and photos on social media and Strava spreads the climate action message even further.

Since we kicked off the 48-Hour Mission, the growth has been amazing. Bondi Salties, Les Gars & Les Filles, Clovelly Crustoceans, Rejoov Run Club, Boss Squad, BRATs, Sugar Nips, Noosa Walkers & Runners, Run the North, Tri Fit, Balmoral Tri Club to name a few, have all been part of this incredible journey. In 2021, we started with 10 sports clubs and 34 participants, resulting in 467 pledges that saved 26,859 plastic pieces, 58,545 kg of CO2e, and 2,515,500 litres of water. Fast forward to 2023, and we had 24 clubs and 437 participants, with 1,263 pledges saving 297,000 kg of GHGe, 122,834 plastic pieces, and 9,675,267 litres of water. Talk about making an impact!

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Join the 48 Hour Mission 2024: 16th – 18th August

We’re inviting sports clubs and community groups to join the 48 Hour Mission 2024, happening from the 16th to the 18th of August. This is your chance to team up, start conversations, adopt healthier habits, and make a real difference for our planet. Nominate your club, make a pledge, and get ready to compete against the best clubs in Australia! Join forces to create a healthier, more sustainable future—one step, stroke, or pedal at a time!

Article by Alice Kendall