Spicy Squad Bondi

Spicy Squad Bondi

6:30 am
North Bondi, Sydney, Australia

Day: Every Friday morning.

Time: 6:30am for the ocean swim.

Location: North Bondi BBQ area (near North Bondi RSL).

Spices 🌶️ are more than just a swim, we are a brand, a lifestyle and a way of life

🌶️🏊‍♀️ 🌅 Join us, every Friday, for an early morning ocean swim, 6:30am in water at North Bondi swimming across the bay from North to South Bondi and back!

It’s roughly 1.3km from point to point, but not without breaks, good feel chats and sunrise appreciationalong the way!

Don’t miss out on this great experience and most importantly a coffee after! ☕️